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Machine Pitch at SPBC

SPBC have partnered with Canning Cougars Tee-Ball Club Inc (CCTBC) to develop a friendly Machine Pitch program with a view to forming teams to enter either home ground only or home and away competitions.


Machine-pitch baseball is a form of baseball designed to introduce players to hitting a moving ball. The ball is pitched by a specific machine rather than a pitcher to give consist speed and accuracy. The UPM45 pitching machine is a spring powered device manually set and released by an adult that can be set to pitch at 18-44 mph (29-70 km/h).


U7 to U10 at the end of the season (1 May)


Baseball WA and Little League WA run the official competition called "Little League Minor – Machine Pitch"


The rules of little league baseball apply except that a specific machine is used to pitch rather than a player or coach.

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